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Certified Australian Supplier of Top Quality PDO Threads
 & Highly Recognised Training Provider in Cosmetic Industry

Are you interested in getting into the cosmetic industry?
Want to expand your scope of practice and learn new skills?
Thinking of working for yourself and starting your own practice?

Equinox Aesthetic Academy may just be the right solution to jumpstart your career!

At Equinox Aesthetic Academy, we offer  PDO Thread lift courses as well as cosmetic injectables training courses for Doctors and Nurses within Australia.. Our courses are custom designed to suit your level of training, ranging from basic to advanced techniques and are also available to study online. Equinox Aesthetic Academy is an official Supplier of TGA approved LIFSKIN PDO THREAD and aesthetic supplies. 
Our mission is

The latest trends in health and skin care has resulted in an increased demand for aesthetic changes that has given rise to cosmetic treatments by skilled practitioners. This new surge in the industry has created room for aspirants and beginners, who want to excel in this field. Equinox Aesthetic Academy offers the opportunity to learn from the best. We have successfully established ourselves as holistic aesthetic medical supplier and trainer in and around Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.

People prefer to receive aesthetic services from a trusted and qualified practitioner, especially patients with clinical skin conditions. Meeting their aesthetic needs, helping them to regain their youthful appearance and confidence which in turn helps building a long-term loyalty and revenue to your business, thus taking aesthetic course from a reputed institute helps you in the long run – Join today to become a certified practitioner.

Equinox Aesthetic Academy is proud to provide TGA approved PDO Threads as well as aesthetic training in this continuously evolving field of aesthetic medicine. We also help our students to acquire the medical and business knowledge required to integrate cosmetic services into their practice once they are qualified to run their own businesses.


Aesthetic Training

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Equinox Aesthetic is a leading provider of medical aesthetic technology, with a range of non-invasive systems designed to safely deliver the results patients want. Our medical aesthetic devices are also designed for optimal function in both large and smaller-scale medical practices.

At equinox Aesthetic our goal is to ensure that each and every customer is equipped with the tools and services they need to effectively launch, promote, and grow their medical and/or aesthetics business.

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PlasPro 4 G Plasma device is EC Certified in Italy at Celab. Now you can own this certified device when you complete our course right here in Australia.
Enrol now, in our Fibroblast Medical Plasma Lift Course, for a profitable career!