Soft Surgery Fibroblast Plasma Training for the most advanced techniques in Anti- Ageing

Everybody is talking about this new procedure that is highly effective and a remarkable treatment.

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What is Plasma Skin Regeneration?

The Plasmapen utilises plasma energy to address cosmetic and aesthetic concerns.

Upon contact with the skin, plasma energy would result in sublimation of tissues giving rise to an immediate skin tightening effect. Microcrusting or carbonisation would form over the treated areas and would start to flake off after 7 to 10 days. The beauty of this treatment is that results will progressively get better over the next 6 to 8 weeks due to collagen stimulation.

PlasPro 4 G Plasma device is EC Certified in Italy at Celab. Now you can own this certified device when you complete our course right here in Australia.

New PlasPro 4G Pen and Kit includes 3 extra tips for moles, skin tags, eye bags, skin lifting and needles. The kit includes training for one person and you pay a minimal fee for extra people. We also provide a training manual, theory module, practical hands on training by our highly qualified professional trainer. Due to Covid, we can send the training manual to you or perhaps help via Zoom.

We provide after care kits of products, client consent forms, medical history forms and after care information.



The NEW PLASPRO 4 G uses only Medical Grade Neo Plasma Technology.



Treatment Possibilities

Non-surgical Blepharoplasty
(Eyelid lifting)

Lower eyelid tightening
Wrinkle removal
Stretch marks
Skin laxity


NEW Plasmapen 4G/ CE Approved

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